Creative AV produces video for a wide range of applications. Our number one goal is to learn about your business and find out how we can enhance it or solve a problem by using video. As fellow entrepreneurs and managers we understand communication is vital for a successful business. As creative professionals we know how to leverage video and the lasting impact it can have on clients, employees and prospects.

Our crew is professional, fast moving, very efficient and organised. On smaller shoots we can get by with one person and a production assistant, but larger projects may call for more personnel. We can scale to any size corporate video project. The vast majority of our shoots are completed in one to two days. Sometimes even just a half-day will do.

We find the best way to represent the results you've achieved for your clients and use video to tell that story.

Filming and Editing

We provide multiple professional HD cameras with video switching capabilities. All films can be edited and delivered in a variety of formats.

Script Writing and Directing

We can help you plan your short films by providing creative ideas for scripts, locations and direction.

Creative Design

We use a variety of different props, screens, animations and lighting effects to help you achieve the desired result.

Equipment Hire

Contact us for a hassle free quote for all your audio visual requirements