Good lighting is very important for video production as without it things start to look grainy as if it was filmed with a poor video camera. Portable3 point lighting usually sorts any issues that might arise. If you are filming in a studio then lighting will already be optimised to produce the best results.

For events it is important to choose lighting that will complement your stage or subject, for example LED up lighting is a popular choice with many conference organisers, venue managers and event planners as they deliver a soft light and are easily concealed. LED Uplighters offer minimal power consumption and have a longer working life with low heat output which is ideal for lighting up draping systems on stage or around the inner walls of the room.

Uplighters are a great choice for any event, whether it be a product launch, private party, conference, fashion show or award ceremonies.

There is also the option to pre-programme each uplighter. This means that you could set your choice of colours to change automatically throughout your event.

Moving head lights can be used to create fantastic lights shows by directing light and colour to any part of the room. All of the lighting can be controlled in conjunction with each other to change the whole ambience of the room. They can also be programmed and synchronised with video images on screen.

Follow Spots are one of the oldest type of lights used at events. The sole purpose is to follow artists and illuminate them for all in the audience to see clearly which also helps when filming.