Live filming can be a complicated business so planning every detail is essential. For example it is important to know the exact floor plan of the room so that cameramen can be positioned strategically out of view of your audience. Sometimes it might be necessary to have platforms for the cameramen to be able to capture every angle. Multiple cameras can be connected to a video switcher which in turn can be streamed to live video screens to enhance audience viewing in large rooms.

If we are filming your event to be edited then it is important for us to be issued with a running order so that we can make sure that nothing is missed. Also it is no good having great footage if the audio is poor. We use dedicated recording engineers and multi track digital recording to oversee all of the audio recording. We connect to the P.A. system using either wireless microphones or lapel microphones so that the speaker can easily move around the stage or room. We can also offer boom microphone operators who can quickly move to different parts of the room to amplify any audience participation.