• Filming and Editing

    The video production unit of Creative Audio Visual are a team of digital artists and technicians dedicated to crafting compelling stories in the visual medium. Short videos are the best and most effective way to get your brand’s message across. Our services are applicable to companies from any industry. It really is one of the best tools of communication as more people can relate to a video message than any other form.

  • Corporate events

    If you’re planning a corporate event, gala or fundraiser, or you have a gig on the calendar, we would welcome the chance to talk with you about the handling your sound, lighting and video needs. We offer a cost effective, value for money service and always aim to produce the best possible service whatever your budget.

  • Film screenings

    Whether you are planning a film screening in house or outside we can provide the right audio visual equipment for the best viewing experience. Our projectors range in sizes, allowing for audiences at larger screenings to have clear visibility of the film, or providing a more intimate screening with a smaller screen. We also are able to provide projectors which will be the best suited for the time of day and the light levels for your screening. Our technicians are able to stay on site to ensure that the sound and image quality is not compromised throughout the screening.

  • Projection Mapping

    Projection videos are also widely shared on every major social site on the web and can have a very long lasting effect. So what is projection mapping? Powerful projectors are used to create a moving image overlay on the surface of an object. You can project on numerous surfaces (not just buildings), and the options truly are limitless. Projection mapping clients can include corporations, event planners, government organisations, museums and theme parks.